Faces of a Nation

America never had the ancient castles and cathedrals found in countries like France, England, Germany, and Spain, and neither does it have the same written cultural record. But its natural wonders, the ancient ruins that speak to great indigenous civilizations, and the successive cultural sites that overlay its landscape, are as unique and spectacular as anything found in Europe or elsewhere. National Park Service sites reflect the faces of our nation. The country boasts some of the most beautiful geographic features and cultural sites on earth, which are not only equally impressive, but completely irreplaceable and impossible to replicate. America’s National Park Service sites are our nation’s cathedrals and they are everywhere. When we visit these sites, the experiences we have at these places maintains and strengthens our bond with our country’s landscape and culture, making our parks truly feel like a cathedral right in our own backyard.

Pine Trees and Asphalt

America’s landscapes are as diverse as its inhabitants. The rolling hills and deep valleys create a bond between the nation and its people.

Stories in Stone

When we visit NPS sites we embrace our shared heritage, remembering the people and events that forged our nation.