Unexpected Journeys

At the start of a trip to a national park or related site, you are prepared for what you think might happen, but as everyone can attest, the journey you actually take is often unexpected. These unplanned events that you have no control over give you new insight into the world around you. This accidental beginning is a necessary one. The family trip, group activity, or impromptu stop will warrant your participation regardless of how you might feel about it initially. It may not be apparent right away, but you will grow from the experience and learn something completely different.

Paths Traveled

Parks provide visitors with all types of ways to interact with their surroundings. Sometimes we choose a well-worn trail and other times we choose less traveled path. 


We rarely travel to parks alone. Often we have a sidekick with us, a person who enjoys sharing our adventures or experiences. They could be our brother or sister, friend or parent. 

Bringing People Together

Parks are places that bring multiple people together for family vacations, weekend holidays, and educational tours. No matter the reason, they provide places for us to gather together.


Surprise Glacier near Kenai Fjords National Park, 2013, Taylor Ross

Warming Up to Glaciers 

Stories that can attest to the unpredictability we face visiting parks are found here.